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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend or
Ex Wife Back

Steps for getting your ex girlfriend or ex wife back

Would you like to know how to get your ex back sooner than later?  If you do, then set a plan of action by working on the following steps if you want to get your ex girlfriend or ex wife back.

Step 1 – Establish exactly why she split with youStep 1Establish exactly why she split with you

Look at yourself and your actions closely and ask yourself what it was that you did to cause her to drop you.  Women usually don't just break-up with a guy out of the blue unless there’s a very compelling reason.  Identify what it was that went off the rails.  Ask yourself whether it was preventable and look at ways for how the cause can be fixed.

Step 2 – Sometime later in the day or the following day after you’ve broken-up, send her a brief voice mail or text message saying how you valued the relationship, that you grew as a person and that you still love herStep 2Sometime later in the day or the following day after you’ve broken-up, send her a brief voice mail or text message saying how you valued the relationship, that you grew as a person and that you still love her

It’s not a bad idea to make her know that, despite not being a couple anymore, you will always be there for her and can reach you if ever she needs to talk.  Tell your ex girlfriend or ex wife that she is you're best friend and that you’re prepared to do anything for her irrespective of what happened between you.  Women like to feel secure and, perhaps, they may be wanting you back in their life without really knowing it.

Step 3 – Give her some breathing spaceStep 3Give her some breathing space

These days everyone seems to be texting everybody else about anything – particularly if you’re in a relationship.   You might be tempted to keep this up even after a break-up.   But don’t.   If she’s still keen on you (even just a little) she'll start missing you and begin to feel she's made a mistake.

Step 4 – Say you’re sorryStep 4Say you’re sorry

A no-brainer, right?  If the cause of the break-up was largely your fault then be man enough to acknowledge your mistake, apologize and let her really know by words and deeds that you're sorry.

Step 5 - Maintain social contacts with other peopleStep 5 - Maintain social contacts with other people

Don’t go into hiding and cut yourself off from the rest of society simply because you’re out of contact with your ex girlfriend or ex wife at the moment.  If you’ve officially broken up, you can date other women, if you wish. This may bring about some jealousy from your ex if they know about your dating.  Handled correctly, this can work in your favor if you're trying to get them back but be careful.  Two can play at that game and you (or they – if they’re doing the same thing) may find someone else who makes a better match!

Step 6 – Tell her you’ve moved on, but drop a hint that you still care about herStep 6Tell her you’ve moved on, but drop a hint that you still care about her

One method of getting her back is to say that, whilst you have moved on, you still have caring thoughts about her. Unless you qualify your “moving on” with a comment such as this she may think that you’ve moved on entirely.  Doing this can make you appear as being more mature and attractive to her. 

Step 7 – Try becoming friends with your exStep 7Try becoming friends with your ex

Working at maintaining a friendship with your ex girlfriend or ex wife can build trust and bring you closer together.  At a suitable point afterwards, bring up the issue of what exactly caused the break-up in the first place.  In giving you an answer, she’ll either say that it was a huge mistake that you both broke up or she’ll think it's for the best.  Whatever answer she gives, the fact that you can talk about it openly and honestly will bode well for you staying good friends with her. 

Step 8 - Patience is a virtue (and may pay-off)Step 8 - Patience is a virtue (and may pay-off)

Try and maintain a good friendship with her.  Phone, email or text her occasionally  seeking her opinion or advice on something that isn’t connected to you and her. If you do this the right way, it can make her feel appreciated and valued.   This could get you that bit closer to winning her back. Don’t try and pin all your hopes on this tactic though. If she comes back to you, you've won. If she doesn’t, she's can still be your friend.   At least this will make the break-up and all of its emotions that much more bearable.

Step 9 – You haven’t lost everythingStep 9You haven’t lost everything

Although it may seem like it at the time, you haven’t lost everything.   If you’re not able to win her back, there's “plenty more fish in the sea”.   Don’t end up bitter and twisted about what might have been and let ill feelings toward her destroy your friendship.


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Guys: Urgent ReadThis!** Guys: Please Read This! **Guys: Urgent Read This!

If you've come to our site because you've had the misfortune to have broken up or separated with your girlfriend, wife, partner or lover then please accept our sympathies. I know it's a tough time and am sure you've got a lot on your plate right at the moment.

When attempting to repair a damaged relationship, it's important to develop a carefully orchestrated strategy if you want to be successful in getting back with your ex girlfriend, ex wife or lover. Blundering in while emotions, egos and tempers are frayed and fragile isn't the ideal climate in which to begin and cultivate a reconciliation.

Have you given a shot at the steps detailed in our website (this includes taking heed of our Tips and Tricks and Warnings)? If so, were you successful? If you didn't exactly set the world on fire with your approach but remain absolutely focussed and determined in getting back with your ex, then you might consider deferring to a higher authority than us.

That said, there's a guy from Russellville, Arkansas in the US who's well known in and among relationship repair circles for successfully helping those recently separated or going through a break up. His name is "T Dub" (TW Jackson).

T Dub has developed a new system known as the Magic Of Making Up which has attracted a groundswell of followers not only in the States but across the entire globe. I've actually known this guy for some 2 years now and am one of his subscribers. He's a good style of a fella who doesn't double talk, send you off to sleep or speak down to you. I've always found him to be a breath of fresh air and above all - genuine in his relationship repair advice. I like his southern accent and practical approach but the only suggestion we'd make is that he take a shave once in a while :) (sorry T Dub)!

The Magic of Making Up thumbnailIf you take the time to paddle around in his website, it's pretty evident that he's picked up a lot of positive feedback from a diverse cross section of different people, from all walks of life, who have experienced the trauma of relationship difficulties and who have since gone on to make up with their former wives, partners or lovers after adopting his special techniques. At last count I understand that he's helped out over 50,000 people across almost 80 countries get back together with their former lovers or partners.

Now, I'm not saying that what he has to offer is going to be the absolute panacea for you. Your particular circumstances are unique to you and are yours and yours alone. However, it certainly won't do you any harm to look him up and check him out if you need expert help and guidance for how to get your ex back.

If you click on the video below you can view TW Jackson responding to people who have tried his Magic of Making Up program with successful results. In the video he also offers some sage advice about the potential pitfalls of "Premature Reconciliation".

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How to get your ex girlfriend or ex wife back 






Watch the video above from TW Jackson sharing some feedback about his relationship repair system - the Magic Of Making Up.  Click here to watch his next video. 

the Magic of Making Up

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